Residents of Tahoe know that, once you move here, there is really never any motivation to leave. For that reason, Hill and Dale Landscapes worked closely with owners of this Tahoe retreat to create the complete staycation location.

Owners and guests can lounge in the summer sun while enjoying the natural beauty of the forest surrounding them. Water features enhance the calming ambiance while—for the more active members of the family—there is an infinity pool which doubles as a hot tub also known as a Spool. Lighted slate steps connect the covered deck with a deep lounge seating area, fireplace, and barbecue to the pool area below.

Hill and Dale incorporated the tones from the granite stone flooring, rust railings, and red stain of the exterior of the house into a compatible color palette for the plant and tree material selected. The neutral white and black chaises blend in with the slate steps and patio while orange umbrellas and pillows provide shade and comfort and complete the spa-oasis atmosphere.