Located in the gated community of Hidden Lake in Olympic Valley, California, Hill and Dale Landscapes transformed a wooded split lot into an open space for family and community. The goal was to create an outdoor landscape where neighbors could gather and play lawn games while drinking-in stunning views of KT-22.

Upon opening the sliding glass doors onto the deck–which run the length of the house and overlooks the landscape, a cascading stream entices one outside. The new landscape became the instant favorite of children, dogs, and wild birds. An arched wooden bridge beckons on lookers to cross and enjoy the large green lawn framed with four granite love seats. Behind the love seats, which double as retaining walls, a garden of red poppies adds a pop of color to the predominantly green, yellow, and grey color palette. Hill and Dale selected the red flowers because science suggests they are less likely to attract bees than other hues as the homeowner is highly allergic to bees.

Best management practices for preventing soil erosion and capturing polluted water were woven into the fabric of the landscape design. Building a deck-height mountain contemporary -inspired rusted metal planter, serves the dual purpose of hiding unsightly deck piers and footings, and grounds the large hillside home to the natural landscape of the property. Surrounding the home and throughout the property, rainwater catchments, comprised of pebbles and sand, where blended into the design.