Hill and Dale Landscape transformed this 3000 square foot Granite Bay California yard into a sustainable vineyard and orchard.

The sod encircling the home was removed and replaced with crushed Sonoma Gold gravel rock. The concrete driveway and front entry were stained in order to anchor the structure to its surrounding property. The outdoor living arrangements were interwoven throughout the design with a color pallet to complete the overall look and feel Hill and Dale had designed.

In the sustainable—Italian inspired—Thompson table grapes, apple trees, lemon trees, orange trees, trailing rosemary and an abundance of thyme were planted. A drip irrigation system helps conserve water throughout the property. The garden elements are a fun activity and can be used by the family of seven as a teaching tool. Each row of grapes is also capped with a rose bush. Since, for centuries, roses have been used as an early indicator of fungal diseases that grape vines can suffer from.